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Client Reviews

"I have been in to see Scott twice. The first time I just needed some knots worked out and to relax. Scott did a great job finding all the spots that needed special attention (like most people I carry my stress in my shoulders). During that session he recommended that I schedule another appointment for a Shiatsu session. That session was awesome and very relaxing. He was very professional and friendly. I will recommend Lazy Bear Massage to my friends and family."

"Going to see Scott at Lazy Bear Massage has been a great experience. After having major reparative surgery on my knee, it's wonderful to go and get worked on by Scott. He is thorough in his line of questioning to determine where and what type of massage will be the most beneficial. He is very aware of the struggles that come with athletic injuries and is knowledgeable on how to work them safely in order to avoid further injury and to help provide relief to injured areas. I would, and have, recommended him to my friends and would not go anywhere else."

"I highly recommend Scott at Lazy Bear Massage. He really listens to what areas are in need of more attention, which is something I really appreciate as a client. I have been working with Scott for 4 months as I was training for a race and I credit him with staying strong and avoiding injury during my training. He is also a friendly and kind person--a great guy to work with!"

"Scott is an amazing massage therapist. He really took the time to listen to my health concerns and what I would like from the massage. As a runner, he has truly helped me to prevent injuries and heal from injuries this season. Scott is a talented massage therapist, I highly recommend him!"

"Scott did an awesome job! He took the time to sit down with me and ask what he should work on! After the massage I was standing up straighter than I was before it. I highly recommend seeing Scott!"

"Scott is very professional and took the time to really understand where my problem areas were. I had some neck issues from sleeping weird and i could barely turn my head. He worked the area well and i left being able turn my head and to check for traffic which I wasn't able to do comfortably on the way there. I'll definitely be going back to lazy bear.

"Being an athlete I'm obviously prone to muscle fatigue and injury on a regular basis. Because of this I have for many years relied on professionals to help keep me in peak physical condition to stay competitive. Up until now it has kinda been hit or miss on message therapist, sometimes you get a good one who seems to know what they are doing and other times you get a lame swedish or someone who thinks that pain means it working. Since I started going to Lazy Bear on a regular basis I feel as if I am competing at a higher level then I have ever. My flexibility has increased, my muscle stamina has improved, and I feel overall much more relaxed. I would also recommend Scott Williams with Lazy Bear, he seems to really have a passion for therapy (especially athletic based). When I go see him we don't just have the same old regular swedish session you would get at a message envy, he tailors the treatment to focus on the issues."

"This is the best massage I have ever had" yes that was my first thought once the massage that Scott performed was complete. It has been days since I went to the Lazy Bear, and I still feel wonderful. The massage reduced soreness and improved my mobility after 7 days of hiking, kayaking and camping. The soothing environment and his attention to detail lulled me into a calm and peaceful state as I headed to the airport to sit in a plane for over 2 hours. I found both the environment and the masseuse welcoming and pleasant. Scotts calm demeanor and friendly personality put me at ease immediately .Can't wait to go back!"

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