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Spider Pushups

How it Helps: An exercise targeted at the plantar muscles that are often irritated with carpal tunnel scenarios

How To: Keeping finger pads together while keeping fingers spread out, press hands against one another

Rhomboid Strengthening

How it Helps: Strengthening rhomboids helps alleviate medial rotation of the shoulders, commonplace in an office environment. Helps ease pain between shoulder blades

How To: Put arms straight out to your side and contract rhomboids (think squeezing shoulder blades together). Keeping contraction going, do arm circles (15 sec each direction)

Neck Stretch

How it Helps: Opening up Range of Motion (ROM) in the neck helps alleviate tension, headaches, and common neck/shoulder pain.

How To: Clasp hands behind back and straighten arms extending hands down, pinning shoulders down (Note: do not pull shoulders back. Downward action only). With shoulders pinned, drop head to one side, hold for 5-10 secs, repeat on other side

Upward Dog/Cobra

How it Helps: This stretch helps open the abdominal muscles and give relief to low back pain. Often times, with our daily posture in a seated position (driving, sitting at a desk, slumped in a couch), the abdominal muscles are shortened and contracted while the lower back muscles remain stretched out. This stretch helps balance out the body.

How To: In prone position, straighten arms, raising torso off the ground, keeping lower body on the floor. Gently extend head upward for deeper stretch. Variations are available to extend stretch.  

Psoas Stretch

How it Helps: Another stretch aimed at anterior muscles oft forgotten. Helps with lower back pain and core imbalances. Psoas is a major hip flexor muscle engaged in many movements.

How To: In lunge position, slowly drive back leg down and backward while engaging glutes from back leg and core muscles. A towel under the knee may help with padding and glide to perform stretch.

Piriformis Stretch

How it Helps: Helps open up pelvic/hip ROM, helps alleviate pseudo-sciatic pain and tightness through glutes and into IT band.

How To: In plank position, bring flexed knee forward crossing foot in front/across straight leg. Slowly extend straight leg backward, bringing knee upwards toward chest.  

Pec(toralis) Stretch

How it Helps: Stretching pectoralis muscles help open up the chest, correct medial rotation (inward turn) of the shoulders, bring relief to pain between the shoulder blades and improve posture.   

How To: Using a door frame, brace forearm bent at the elbow at 90 degree.  Gently turn body away from braced arm engaging a gentle stretch across the chest.  

The Whatever Whatever Stretch

How it Helps: This stretch helps like meh, followed with 10 seconds of ugh....

How To: Turn the body like so, and then stretch that stuff like blah.  

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