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Introduction and FAQ's

To Prepare for your massage session:

  • Please shower before each session and make sure your skin is clean.  This will improve proper glide needed when using lotion/oil during session
  • Please refrain from alcoholic or recreational drug use prior to your session.  Use of substances can adversely affect and inhibit your massage experience
  • Please remove neck and wrist jewelry (rings not included) prior to the session
  • For outcall sessions - please have a 6'x8' area cleared in your residence for table set-up

Draping Procedures:

Lazy Bear Massage utilizes standard and legal massage draping practices (use of sheets and blankets) to ensure a safe and secure massage session. All boundaries and modesty concerns will be respected.  

FAQ's - (frequently asked questions)

What do I wear during the session?

Clients are encouraged to dress down to their comfort level for the session. For best therapeutic results, removing all boundaries is recommended. Proper draping will be utilized to ensure a safe and comfortable environment.

Will I be sore afterwards?

Depending on the treatment, you may experience some soreness over the following couple days of treatment. Massage therapy, contrary to some believe, is not designed in most cases to push the client to the point of pain and soreness afterwards. Your therapist will follow up with you after any intensive treatment session.

How much notice do I need to book a session?

Because sessions are by appointment only, you simply need to email or call to coordinate a time for a session. Based on availability, this can be as immediate as possible.

What kind of payment do you accept?

Lazy Bear Massage accepts cash and all major credit/debit card payments?

Do I tip?

Tipping is customary, but not required.  Therapists strive to give the best treatment possible and they graciously accept tips.....if we've earned it!